Today’s Track: KAINA – ‘Anybody Can Be In Love’

Good Morning to you! My name is Jacob Braybrooke, and it is time to reflect the rising warmth of the slowly arriving Spring with yet another radiant daily track on the blog, by remembering that it has always been my day-to-day pleasure to write up about a different piece of music every day! A Minneapolis-based Alternative R&B singer-songwriter who was raised in Chicago but born of both Venezuelan and Guatemalan heritage, Kaina Castillo (who goes by the shortened name of KAINA when releasing her music) is new to my ears but is definitely worth the mainstream keeping an ear on by these standards of her recent single ‘Anybody Can Be In Love’, a heartfelt track that blends mellow Neo-Soul and early 00’s Garage-Pop influences (Think ‘Flowers’ by Sweet Female Attitude) together warmly. Signed to Berlin-based independent label City Slang Records (The home of artists like Noga Erez and Roosevelt), KAINA has worked with prolific Pop producers such as Sen Morimoto and Luke Titus on her discography that includes 2019’s ‘Next To The Sun’ – her previous album – as well as EP’s like 2016’s ‘Sweet asl’ and 2018’s ‘4U’ that lyrically dealt with the themes of representation and self-identity. Her next album – ‘It Was A Home’ – is set to arrive on March 4th with a few featured guests including Helado Negro and Sleater-Kinney. To coincide with the announcement, KAINA has provided our first taster of her new record with the aforementioned single that is accompanied by a psychedelic music video that was directed by Weird Life Films that clearly takes inspiration from Mr. Rogers TV show with the Utopian visuals. Let’s take a listen to the eminent new track.

The soon-to-be touring musician says, “Anybody Can Be In Love is about letting go and accepting love when it comes to any sort of relationship, romantic or platonic” in her latest press release, adding, “I’ve seen myself and my close friends miss out on a really great moment we’ve wished for or a great relationship because we’re so fixated on getting hurt or being fearful”, as she makes it clear that she aims for the track to make listeners feel inspired to take a chance on the potential around them. Opening with a hazy psych-inflected drum beat and a calm String section that struts along confidently, KAINA opens up her heart with honest lyrics like “Everybody’s looking for a sign that they won’t trust, Missing moments we’ve been dreaming of” that spread a widely relatable message that inspires urgency while getting the point across in a calmly defiant way with mid-tempo String sections and a soulful set of bass guitar riffs that undercut the headstrong lyrics of “Doesn’t take much to get along/Doesn’t take much to take the time” as the chorus meanders along with a vibe of tranquility and clarity. There’s a neat focus on dream-inflicted ambiance where the delicate vocal performance meets in the middle with an intoxicating blend of soft pop melodies and visionary Neo-Soul elements. The textures complement the mellow tone quite nicely too, with a fiercer guitar tone that builds up the call to personal action within the song while not overbearing the illustrious atmosphere of KAINA’s fragile vocals by showing the correct amount of gentle restraint. Whether you choose to love yourself more intimately after hearing the track or taking a chance on somebody around you after hearing the bright track, the message is put across in a clear-cut way that still maintains the warmth of the subtle Soul sound. While ‘Anybody Can Be In Love’ could have possibly done with a few more interesting lyrics, it’s still a poignant little track that encourages seeing the beauty in the simplicity of your surroundings and the sweeping melodies ooze a sense of relaxation that feels wide-eyed and encouraging without feeling overwhelming at any point, and so this is really nice work from KAINA.

That’s all for now! Don’t forget to be kind to yourself today, and I send my love to you for checking out my latest blog post. Exciting developments are here tomorrow as the first part of my year-end list of 2021’s best albums gets published on the site and ‘Way Back Wednesdays’ makes it’s routinely return to the site after a brief few weeks away as we sample the new full-length album from the former frontman of The Maccabees.

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